We consider it our foremost responsibility to keep our clients’ pets safe, healthy, and happy during their time with us. Please review our policies and feel free to call us with any questions!

Vaccination Requirements

Dogs must be up to date with vaccinations, including: Rabies, Distemper, and Bordatella (Canine Cough). All boarding cats must be up to date with Rabies and Distemper shots. We recommend a monthly flea/tick program.

Check-In/Out Policies

Check-in: Check-in is available during office hours (7AM-1PM or 2PM-4PM weekdays, 9AM-1PM or 2PM-4PM Saturdays, and 9AM-1PM Sundays—closed daily 1PM-2PM).

Check-out: Check-out time is 12PM daily. Afternoon check-out, 2PM-7PM, is available 7 days a week for an additional fee. If your dog is being groomed in the Beauty Barn, we will call you when the groom is done, then you can come pick up (no charge for afternoon check out for dogs being groomed). Please let us know in advance if you need the groom to be finished by a specific time. Basic washes for dogs scheduled out in the morning are done by 9AM and for dogs scheduled out in the afternoon by 3PM.

Food Policy

We highly recommend bringing your pet's regular food from home for their stay. Many dogs get an upset stomach switching foods while away from home. We have a refrigerator and microwave, so we can accommodate special diets. We require all dry food and homemade food to be pre-bagged into meal portions (1 baggie per meal). Do not divide canned food. If you don't have time to bag your pet's food we will do it for you for $2 per meal. There is no fee if your pet's food is pre-bagged for each meal. If you prefer to use our food, we will provide it for $2 per meal. Treats from home are welcome.

If you don't provide food from home, we will provided kennel dry food at a cost of $2 per meal.

Other Belongings

We welcome belongings from home. We ask that you NOT bring large or bulky bedding, dishes/bowls, or any items that could be dangerous to your pet. All belongings are left in the dog’s room and are not allowed out in daycare, since some dogs are possessive of toys. Please make sure belongings are labeled with your dog’s name. Dogs On The Farm & Cats Too is not responsible for lost or damaged items, so please don’t bring anything that is irreplaceable!

Payment Policy

All major credit cards accepted, as well as debit cards and cash, but NO CHECKS, please.
Payment is taken on check in, and a credit card number must be left on file during your pet’s stay for emergency situations and other charges incurred during the visit.

PetAssurance Program

Dogs On The Farm & Cats Too offers a proactive “sick pet care” program called PetAssurance. This program is designed to give our clients added peace of mind. This program covers unexpected illnesses or injuries while pets are staying at Dogs On The Farm & Cats Too and within five days of their departure. Download PDF.

Office Hours

monday - friday
7a - 4p
9a - 4p
9a - 1p
(closed daily 1p–2p)

Daycare Hours

monday - friday
7a - 7p
9a - 7p
9a - 7p
(closed daily 1p–2p)

1 /2 Day Daycare

monday - friday
7a - 12p or 2p - 7p
saturday - sunday
9a - 12p or 2p - 7p

Our Location

790 King Hwy East
Atlantic Highlands, NJ , 07716
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